3-week course

The next 3-week course starts in June 2020 

What counts as knowledge? How has it been created, circulated, valued and used historically? How did Edison and Bohr know? And how do you?

Today we use statistics, the periodic table, the metre and advanced measuring devices without thinking much about them being relatively new tools.

In the course, we use these and a lot of other examples from the sociology and history of knowledge, technology and science to discuss and reflect on the following core elements:

• What is knowledge?
• Knowledge creation and circulation in different times and places 
• The history of concepts, classifications, units and standards 
• Visualisations of knowledge and their history (maps, drawings, diagrams, models etc.)
• Knowledge objects and places (books, instruments, laboratories, libraries, the Internet etc.)
• Information searching, communication and argumentation.

We will as well discuss knowledge with researchers at DTU, make experiments, visit FOSS in Hillerød and not least revise our own knowledge.

What do we know - and how do we actually know it?

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